Most Common Questions And Answers


English speaking course – Today we will learn some questions and answers, which are used every day to speak English. You have to learn them to speak English fluently. There are many of us who cannot ask questions in English. Or some of us can’t answer any question properly. This is a big problem. We should learn it. I hope this will help you so much to learn how to answer any question.

Most Common Questions & Answers

Answers to Common English Questions

What do you do in your free time?
I love read books in leisure.

How is your family member?
All are good.

Can you help me a little?
Tell me how can I help you?

How are you?
I’m so fine.
You can also say –
I am very fine.
I’m very good.
I am very well.
I’m so good.

Where do you work?
I work in a bank.
You can also say –
I am a teacher.
I teach in a school.

How’s the weather?
It’s very cold outside today.
Today is very cold outside.

Can I help you?
No, it’s okay. Thanks.

Can I get you anything else?
Give me a glass of water.

I hope everything is ok?
Yes, everything is fine.

How was the party?
We have great fun.

What’s the matter?
I am feeling feverish.

How’s it going?
For a few days I am not feeling well.

How have you been?
Not bad!

Do you stay in America?
No, I live in India.

Do you read English?
Yes, I love reading English.

How are you feeling?
No, I’m not feeling well.

When will you finish your work?
It seems that tomorrow will be over.
It will end tomorrow.

How was your day?
This is the worst day of my life.

Is everything ok?
Something’s not right at all.

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