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Today we will learn 90 Questions and Answers which will help us to learn English a lot. If you know these, you will learn to speak English very quickly. There are many people who can’t ask questions in English, I hope today’s lesson will help them a lot. You will learn very easily how to ask questions in English. By learning these you will be able to speak English confidently. Moreover, you will learn to ask many questions by yourself. You will also learn how to answer. So, let’s get started –

Common Questions And Answers In English

What does your mother do?
➤ My mother is a teacher.

Can you help me?
➤ Yes, I can.
➤ No, I can’t.

Where do you want to go?
➤ I want to go to market.

What is your friend’s name?
➤ My friend’s name is Akash.

Are you coming with me?
➤ No, I am not interested.

When will you go?
➤ I will go by Sunday.

What were you doing there?
➤ I was buying vegetables.

Can you hear me?
➤ No, I can’t.
➤ Yes, I can.

Who is your friend?
➤ John is my friend.

Are you with me?
➤ Yes, I am with you.

Where do you live?
➤ I live in Mumbai.

How do you go to market?
➤ I go to market by bike.

Why are you crying?
➤ Because I am upset.

Are you there?
➤ Yes, I am.
➤ No, I am not.

Where are you going?
➤ I am going for a morning walk.

Are you angry with me?
➤ Yes, I am angry with you.

Spoken English Questions And Answers

When will you come?
➤ I will come on Tuesday.

Do you speak English?
➤ Yes, I do speak English.

Whose book is this?
➤ This is my book.

Do you like me?
➤ Yes, I like you.

Whose bag is this?
➤ This is Tom’s bag.

When do you usually come home?
➤ Usually, I come home by 10 p.m.

When will you arrive?
➤ I will arrive by tomorrow.

What does your father do?
➤ My father is a doctor.

Won’t you go?
➤ No, I will not go.

What do you do?
➤ I am a student.
➤ I am a doctor.

Won’t you come?
➤ No, I will not come.

What are you doing?
➤ I am reading books.

Why are you tired?
➤ Because I had a lot of work.

Do you know him?
➤ Yes, I know him.
➤ No, I don’t know him.

Whom do you want to see?
➤ I want to meet Mr. Sen.

What are you doing here?
➤ I am here for buying fish.

Why are you shouting?
➤ Because I am angry with you.

How old are you?
➤ I am 25 years old.

Why are you sad?
➤ Because I have got bad marks in the exam.

How do you go to school?
➤ I go to school by bus.

Why are you laughing?
➤ Because I am happy.

Simple Question And Answer In English

Are you happy?
➤ Yes, I am very happy.

Where are you coming from?
➤ I am coming from the office.

How do you go to office?
➤ I go to the office by train.

Why are you going to Delhi?
➤ I have exam there.

What is your name?
➤ My name is…

What’s going on here?
➤ Nothing special.

Have you done this before?
➤ Yes, I have done this before.

Why are you coming to my office?
➤ I have a meeting there.

Keep learning, these will help you a lot. Use these when you have time. Only then your English will improve. Moreover, if you learn these, you will be able to ask many more questions like this. You will feel very confident and you can speak English fluently.

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