Daily use questions for Conversations

Daily use questions for Conversations: If you want to speak English, you need to know many short questions. Moreover, you need to know how to ask questions in English. Because if you can’t ask questions, you can’t speak English fluently. So you must learn to ask questions. Today I will share with you 60 short questions. These will be useful to you every day –

Most Common Short Questions

Daily use questions for Conversations:

1Can you handle it?
2What is on the desk?
3How long is that bridge?
4Will it rain today?
5How did you make it?
6Why did she do that?
7Can you pay me in advance?
8What kind of meal did you eat?
9Are you free on Tuesday?
10Is the bath clean?
11Were you out last night?
12Can you play the piano?
13What was that noise?
14Could you repeat that?
15How much is the bus fare?
16Did you finish the job?
17What’s the matter?
18Can I see that one?
19What do you do in Japan?
20What does she have?

Short Questions For Daily Use

Daily use questions for Conversations:

21Did you like the movie?
22When did you buy it?
23Do you deliver on Sundays?
24Where is the pain?
25Do you like to travel?
26Who broke the vase?
27How was your day?
28Which skirt do you like?
29How was the math test?
30Would you like to come?
31Can I turn on the TV?
32What are you planning to do?
33Can we talk in private?
34What is going on?
35Are you able to swim?
36Will the train leave on time?
37Where were you going?
38Are you in a hurry?
39May I sit next to you?
40Were you at home yesterday?

Daily Use Short Questions

Daily use questions for Conversations:

41Can you mail these for me?
42What is the price of this cap?
43Are you ready for the trip?
44May I speak to you?
45What did he say? 
46Are you ready to go?
47Was there a lot of traffic?
48When was she born?
49How high is that mountain?
50Why don’t you come in?
51Are you afraid of the dark?
52Is that a picture of me? Is that my picture?
53Were you busy yesterday?
54How deep is the lake?
55Whose car is that?
56Are you ready to go out?
57Was the movie good?
58Does she know you?
59How about a cup of tea?
60Who is that man?
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