English Questions & Answers

English Questions & Answers: Today I will teach you many questions and answers. Because to speak fluent English, you must know how to ask questions? You also need to know how to answer it. It is never possible to speak fluent English if you do not learn to answer these questions correctly. Hope today’s questions and answers will surely help you to speak English. Because they are used every day while speaking English. By learning these, you will learn to answer thousands of questions yourself.

Spoken English Questions & Answers

English Questions & Answers:

Are you coming?
Yes, I am coming.

Are you going?
Yes, I am going.

Are you ready?
Yes, I am.

Are you single?
Yes, I am.
No, I am not.

Are you there?
Yes, tell me.

Are you tired?
No, I am not.

At what time you will come?
Around 6 pm.

Can I have your phone number?
Yes of course.

Did you like the food?
Yes, loved it.
I don’t like this kind of food.

Did you like the movie?
Yes, absolutely.
Not really.

Did you like the party?
Yes. Not really.

Did you pass?
Yes, I passed.

Do you need any help?
Yes please help me.
No thanks.
No thanks, I will ask if needed.

How about this?
I don’t like this.

How about your work?
It is going well.

How about you?
I am doing good.

How are you feeling now?
I am good.
I am feeling well.

How are you?
I am fine, thank you.

How are you?
I am fine.
I am good.

How far is your home?
It’s nearby.
It’s 2 km from here.

How is everything?
Everything is fine.

How is your family?
My family is good.

How old are you?
I am 25 years old.

How tall are you?
I am 6 feet tall.

How to go?
Go by bus.

How to start?
You can start with the grammar.

How was the party?
It was fine.
It was so-so.

How was your day?
It was great.
So so.
As usual.
Nothing special.

Common English Questions & Answers

English Questions & Answers:

May I come in?
Yes, of course, please come in.

May I use your pen, please?
Sure, why not.
No, I don’t have a pen sorry.

What brings you here?
Actually, I had some work nearby.
I am here to meet someone.

What can I do for you?
Can you please give me a cup of tea?

What do you do in your free time?
I watch English movies.
I just sleep.

What do you do?
I work in a …

What do you like?
I like to play cricket.

What do you mean?
I mean …

What do you need?
I am looking for….

What do you want?
I want a laptop.

What for?
It’s 15th August today.

What is it all about?
It is about my work.

What is the date today?
Today is the 9th of August.

What is the day today?
Today is Monday.

What is the matter?

What is the problem? Nothing.
Actually, I’m facing a problem with my car.

What is there for breakfast?
There is a bread omelet.

What is there for dessert?
There is ice cream.

What is there for dinner?
There is roti and egg curry.

What is there for lunch?
There is rice and fish curry.

What is your intention?
Nothing, I just want a day off.

What is your name?
My name is John.

What marks have you got?
I got 80%.

What to do?
Let’s play a game.

What would you like to have?
I would like to have..
Nothing, thanks for asking.

What’s the time?
It is 9 pm.

What’s up these?
Nothing special, as usual.

When to go?
By tomorrow.

Daily use Questions & Answers

English Questions & Answers:

When will you come?
I will come by 6 pm.

Where do you live?
I live in Hyderabad.

Where in Hyderabad?
At Miapur.

Who are they?
They are relatives.

Who are you?
I am a doctor.

Who is dancing?
Tom is dancing?

Who is he?
This is my mother.

Who is that fellow?
Oh! He is my friend.

Why are you studying English?
Because I want to.
Because I want to speak English.

Why don’t you listen?
I do listen.
Why should I listen to you?

Why do you want my number?
I am not comfortable sharing my number.

Is everything ok?
Yes, it is.
No, it is not.

Is he well?
Yes, absolutely.

Is it a holiday today?
Yes, it is.
No, it is not.

Is it good?
I don’t think so.

Is it yours?
Yes, it’s mine.

Why do you want this?
Because I need it.

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