100 Spoken English Sentences

100 Spoken English Sentences:

  1. The boy reads well.
  2. She speaks gently.
  3. He loves us deeply.
  4. The dog is running swiftly.
  5. They live peacefully.
  6. Ram lives honestly.
  7. He is moving about busily.
  8. He will bless you heartily.
  9. I shall certainly miss you.
  10. He did the sum easily.
  11. The Sikhs fought bravely.
  12. He comes here daily.
  13. I have heard this before
  14. It is a holiday tomorrow. 
  15. He left for Mumbai.
  16. Rama goes there to learn singing. 
  17. They will now left for the station. 
  18. I have written a latter.
  19. The students always do sums.
  20. He will never again tell lies.
  21. Formerly we lived in Delhi.
  22. Many animals keep awake at night.
  23. The sun rises at dawn.
  24. On Sundays he goes to the church.
  25. He will return soon.
  26. Ram came early.
  27. Owls sleep by day.
  28. The horse runs fast.
  29. They walk carefully.
  30. He looked up.

Regular Use Short Sentences

100 Spoken English Sentences:

31. Tell him to come in.
32. Stand here.
33. I found ram nowhere.
34. The horse galloped away.
35. The army is moving backwards.
36. Rajat went upstairs.
37. They climbed down from the mountain.
38. The rope has become loose somewhere.
39. He therefore left the job.
40. That is why I rebuked him.
41. So I left the place.
42. I therefore do not go to play.
43. Hence he is unable to play.
44. I do not know if he will come.
45. Surely he will come.
46. Surely India will win.
47. You will certainly succeed.
48. Yes I have taken rice.
49. I do not know him.
50. I have never read the book.
51. He has not gone home.
52. I have not done the work.
53. He does not like mangoes.
54. I shall never forget you.
55. There stands a house by the river.
56. There is no Cloud in the sky.
57. There is a school in this village.
58. There are many boys in the class.
59. There is no water in this well.
60. Here is a man waiting for you.

Daily Life English Sentences

100 Spoken English Sentences:

61. I shall certainly do the work.
62. I really don’t know the matter.
63. Actually I went there myself.
64. He definitely will go to Delhi.
65. Read the book thoroughly.
66. Really he is an honest man.
67. He barely tried.
68. He is nearly blind.
69. He seldom writes.
70. It is almost a goal.
71. He hardly saw the match.
72. The sum is somewhat wrong.
73. The sum is rather hard.
74. I scarcely tell a lie.
75. He seldom writes.
76. He never comes here.
77. He often meets me.
78. It is raining frequently.
79. He did not sit even for once.
80. Not one of them is alive.
81. One of them is not alive.
82. Happily he did not die.
83. He did not die happily
84. So let us act.
85. Let us act so.
86. I never thought of going there.
87. Only he reads the poem.
88. Sontosh has only read this poem.
89. Rabi reads only English with me.
90. Ram works hard.
91. I hardly recognized him.
92. Stand near.
93. He arrived late.
94. I am pretty sure of the fact.
95. The girl is prettily dressed.
96. The battle lasted two months.
97. He went home.
98. This thing weighs ten kilos.
99. He walks two kilometers.
100. The boy is clever.
101. The boy did the work.
102. He advised wisely.
103. The room is beautifully decorated.

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