Use of Are in Sentences

Use of Are in Sentences:

Are: Simple present of be, used with You/We/They & all plural noun names (plural subject)

Daily use English Sentences

Use of Are in Sentences:

1. Are you tired?
2. We are not happy.
3. Are you new here?
4. Why are you crying? 
5. Are you a teacher?
6. What are you doing?
7. Are you hungry?
8. You are a doctor.
9. How are you?
10. All men are equal.
11. Are you excited?
12. Are you going, too?
13. Are you kidding?
14. Are you in a hurry?
15. Are you serious?
16. My parents are old.
17. Where are we?
18. My eyes are tired.
19. Lemons are sour.
20. The lights are out.
21. They are students.
22. The waves are high.
23. They are pretty.
24. These cats are big.
25. How are you, John?
26. Cherries are red.
27. You are late.
28. Prices are rising.
29. Are you ready?
30. They are in office.
31. We are teachers.
32. My eyes are sore.
33. Who are you?
34. Are you a student?
35. Where are you?
36. When are you busy?
37. Are you lost?
38. Are you all right?
39. We are happy.
40. His eyes are dark.
41. Are you Indian?
42. Where are you from?
43. Are you mad?
44. Those are my balls.
45. Are they friends?
46. Those are my pens.
47. Are you sure?
48. Her eyes are blue.
49. We are his sons.
50. They are both good.


Common English Sentences Using Are

Use of Are in Sentences:

51. Some snakes are poisonous.
52. All of them are not rich.
53. Are you old enough to vote? 
54. That girl’s eyes are blue.
55. They are gathering nuts.
56. Are you afraid of the dark?
57. There are no comments yet.
58. All the seats are booked.
59. You are in a safe place.
60. Are you having a good time?
61. Do you know who they are?
62. What are you staring at?
63. Are you going to stay long?
64. They are about to start.
65. Are you an Indian citizen?
66. Are you writing a mail?
67. Are you studying Hindi?
68. What are you going to see?
69. What are you trying to do?
70. Mary and John are cousins.
71. You are absolutely right.
72. Who do you think you are?
73. Are you losing your mind?
74. When are you coming back?
75. What are you going to do?
76. We are moving next month.
77. What are you looking at?
78. Are you going to sing here?
79. They are very big apples.
80. The workers are on strike.
81. They are both in the room.
82. Clearly you are mistaken.


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