Use of In At On Prepositions

Use of In At On Prepositions – Learn 60 English Sentences Used in Daily life

Use of In

  1. Let me in.
  2. He’s not in.
  3. I’ll get in.
  4. Mary came in.
  5. Keep in touch.
  6. May I come in?
  7. I am in London.
  8. Please come in.
  9. I believe in him.
  10. I believe in you.
  11. Rome is in Italy.
  12. We’re in a hurry.
  13. Are you in a hurry?
  14. Believe in yourself.
  15. What is in the desk?
  16. He arrived in time.
  17. Please keep in touch.
  18. He works in a factory.
  19. Can we talk in private?
  20. She was dressed in red.

English Sentences using 'At'

Use of In At On Prepositions

Use of at Prepositions:

  1. Look at me.
  2. I was at home.
  3. Is she at home?
  4. I get up at 7:00.
  5. He is at his desk.
  6. I’m bad at sports.
  7. She smiled at him.
  8. He works at a bank.
  9. I’m good at tennis.
  10. He’ll return at six.
  11. Did you speak at all?
  12. You must go at once.
  13. Look at that picture.
  14. I go to bed at eleven.
  15. Will you stay at home?
  16. He didn’t study at all.
  17. Is your mother at home?
  18. Will you stay at home?
  19. Come at any time you like.
  20. Is she staying at a hotel?

When to Use 'On'

Use of In At On Prepositions

Use of On Preposition:

  1. It’s on me.
  2. I’m on a diet.
  3. Put your hat on.
  4. The light is on.
  5. We depend on you.
  6. What is going on?
  7. Turn on the radio.
  8. We play on Sunday.
  9. I’m free on Sunday.
  10. Don’t climb on this.
  11. He sat on the bench.
  12. We lay on the grass.
  13. What is on the desk?
  14. Can I turn on the TV?
  15. You can rely on him.
  16. Tom is never on time.
  17. What’s going on here?
  18. Are you free on Tuesday?
  19. Don’t put it on my desk.
  20. I see a bird on the roof.
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