All Wh Question Words in English

Today we will learn about All WH Question Words in English . It is very important for us to know English. Especially it is very useful to create Interrogative sentence. Today I will try to cover as many words in the “WH Family” as possible, so that you do not have any problems in the future.

After reading this I don’t think you will have any issues with “Wh” words, so read the post carefully to the end. Everything will be clear to you and you also feel that English Grammar is not so hard. It is easy to remember.  So let’s get started.


What is used to ask for information about people or things.

What do you want?
What is going on?
What’s your name?
What is the story?

What for
What’s for supper?
What for is this?
What is this for?
What are they for?

For what
For what purpose?

I can do whatever I want.
I will do whatever you wish.

What else
What else do you want?
What else did he say?

At what time
At what time will the train arrive at the station?
At what time did you arrive at station?

What type of
What type of stone is this?
What type of music do you like?

What sort of
What sort of shampoo do you use?
What sort of music do you listen to?

What kind
What kind of music do you like?

What then
Supposing he is not at home, what then?
Suppose the news is true: what then?

He had no sense of rhythm whatsoever.
I had no sensation of pain whatsoever.
He’s had no luck whatsoever.

Who –(person)

Used especially in questions to ask which person or people, or to ask someone’s name:

Who is he?
Who are you?
Who stole the apple?
Who is playing the guitar?

Whoever says that is a liar.
Whoever suggested such a thing?
Whoever made this cake is a real artist.
I’ll take whoever wants to go.

Whosoever drinks from that, they are thirsty for ever.


Used to show particular thing

Which do you want?
Which is your bag?
Which is your pen?
Which hat is yours?

Whichever you buy, there is a six-month guarantee.
Choose whichever of them you like best.
Take whichever hat suits you best.

Which type
Which type of tea do you prefer?
Which type of oil do you recommend for my car?

In which
Behavior is a mirror in which everyone shows his image.
In which direction are you going, north or south?
I had no time in which to prepare.

Of which
Now we enjoy these comforts of which formerly we had only heard.
This will be a show the like of which has never been seen before.
I saw three camp beds, two of which were occupied.


Asking about which person owns or is responsible for something

Whose is this?
Whose car is that?
Whose friend is he?
Whose pencil is this?

Where – (place)

Where is used to obtain information about the location of a person or thing.
Where is my book?
Where do you live?
Where is your father?
Where can I get a taxi?

From where
From where we were sitting.
From where we stood.

Some people like fat meat, whereas others hate it.
Death is so final, whereas life is so full of possibilities.


“Whom” is used to obtain information about a person or people.

Whom will you send for?
Whom do you want?

With whom
With whom did you go?
I met a man with whom I used to work.

For whom
He is a man for whom I have the greatest admiration.
For whom she wrote her most ardent poems.

About whom
He is a lonely man about whom people tell stories.

Give it to whomever you please.
You can invite whomever you like.
He was free to marry whomever he chose.

I must break the neck of whomsoever releases me.

When – (time)

“When” is used to obtain information about the time period in which an action occurs.

When can we eat?
When is the party?

Since when
Since when have he had a car?
Since when has he been missing?

From when
From when you remember this smell?


“How” is used to ask someone if they are well and happy
How is your dad?
How should I know?
How was your day?

How many – (Countable)
How many cars are there?
How many students are there?

How much – (Uncountable)
How much money do you have?
How much time have we got?

How far
How far is your school?

How good
It is difficult to tell how good he is.

For how long
For how long do you play here?
For how long have you been playing here?
For how long are you waiting here?

How long
How long did you stay in that hotel?
How long will it take?

How often
How often do you go to the gym?

How soon
How soon does it open?
How soon can you get here?

How old
How old are you?
How old is this building?

How come
How come I didn’t see you at the party?
How come I can’t see her?

You can go however you like.
You may act however you wish.
However, I am not a specialist.

Why – (reason)

Why am I here?
I didn’t know why.
Can I ask you why?

Why so
Why so insistent that we leave tonight?
I don’t understand why so many people like to come here.

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