Anyone Anybody Anything – Basic English Grammar

Anyone Anybody Anything Basic English Grammar -02

Did anyone follow you?
Did anybody follow you?
Did you find anything?

Anyone anybody anything:
Today we will learn how to use Anyone anybody anything in sentences. Because there are many who get confused when using them. Today I will clear all your doubts. You will never make a mistake in using them.

Difference - Anyone anybody anything

Anything, Anyone and anybody are Indefinite Pronouns. We use anything, anyone and anybody to refer unlimited set of things or people and specific things or people. We use them with a Singular Verb:

There is no difference in meaning between anyone and anybody, but anybody is more commonly use in Spoken English.

Anyone and anybody mean the same.
Anyone is more formal than Anybody.
Anyone is used more in writing than anybody.

Anyone is a pronoun that means “any person.”
Anybody is a pronoun that is interchangeable with anyone.

Uses of Anyone & Anybody

To ask questions:
Did anyone hear me?
Did anybody hear me?

General statements:
Anyone can learn English.
Anybody can learn English.

Negative sentences:
I don’t know anyone here.
I don’t know anybody here.

Daily use Sentences - Anyone

  • Ask anyone.
  • Anyone can do that.
  • Don’t call anyone.
  • Don’t hurt anyone.
  • Don’t tell anyone.
  • Never tell anyone.
  • Don’t trust anyone.
  • I don’t see anyone.
  • I don’t need anyone.
  • I can’t trust anyone.
  • Is anyone here?
  • Can anyone hear me?
  • Can you see anyone?
  • Did anyone call me?
  • Did anyone hear me?
  • Did you see anyone?
  • Did anyone follow you?

Daily use Sentences - Anybody

  • I don’t trust anybody.
  • I didn’t talk to anybody.
  • I don’t wait for anybody.
  • Anybody can make a mistake.
  • I’ve never cheated anybody.
  • It could happen to anybody.
  • I can’t find anybody to ask.
  • Did anybody follow you?
  • Don’t you like anybody?
  • Is anybody on the line?
  • Don’t you trust anybody?
  • I’m not blaming anybody.
  • Was anybody else absent?
  • Are you expecting anybody?
  • Why won’t anybody help me?
  • Why would anybody do that?
  • Does anybody have a pencil?
  • Why didn’t anybody tell me?
  • Why doesn’t anybody answer?
  • Does anybody know about this?

Daily use Sentences - Anything

  • Ask me anything.
  • Don’t do anything.
  • I can do anything.
  • Don’t say anything.
  • I can eat anything.
  • I can’t say anything.
  • We don’t do anything.
  • Eat anything you like.
  • Anything new?
  • Anything else?
  • Can I do anything?
  • Is anything broken?
  • Can you see anything?
  • Did you see anything?
  • Do you want anything?
  • Did they find anything?
  • Have you seen anything?

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