100 Daily use English Sentences

100 Daily use English Sentences – The sentences you need to know when speaking English.

Today we will learn 100 English sentences that are used every day. When you speak English, you need to know a lot of sentences. Only then will you learn to speak English quickly. The sentences that I will teach you today you can use everywhere. You must learn these sentences to improve your spoken English. If you are a beginner, learn these sentences by heart, and try to use these sentences. Then you will learn to speak English fluently.

Common sentences for daily use

1As soon as possible.
2As early as possible.
3Tomatoes are very appetizing.
4Pray to God.
5We had a lot of fun.
6This is very good for you.
7It’s too good for you.
8Rome is in Italy.
9What is going on?
10What’s going on?
11What do you want to do? 
12When was he born? 
13How much does it cost? How much is it?
14You don’t know how to deal with others.
15Put on the shoes.
16Be calm.
17Is it?
18It’s done.
19I will try.
20Move out of my way. Get out of my way.
21What drink will you have? What to drink?
22How are you?
23It is a long story. 
24He is still alive.
25Sooner or later
26I agree.
27How do you go to the market?
28When to go?
29Are you with me?
30What is your friend’s name?

English sentences for daily use

31Enjoy yourself.
32Have fun.
33What a mess!
34It’s sounds good.  
35He was asleep.
36I was going to gym by bike.
37All right.
38I am unmarried.
39I am single.
40Keep it clean.
41Try again.
42Hold my hand.
43Nothing else.
44Nothing more.
45Don’t lie.
46It is not right to be out at night.
47Do not gesture. 
48They came after eating.
49I cook every day.
50My mother does the laundry.
51I have a headache.
52Do you have anything cheaper?
53The girl is pretty.
54It’s less than 9 dollars.
55How much do you earn?
56What time is it?
57What’s in it?
58At 4 o’clock in the afternoon.
59Where did you go?
60How much do you want to take?

English Sentences for beginners

61How long have you been here?
62Let’s practice English.
63How’s the weather?
64Stay neat and clean always.
65Put on the shoes.
66Make it hurry.
67Why you broke the Glass? Why did you break the glass?
68You have too many books.
69I do not understand your words.
70Am I talk to her?
71Are you free tonight?
72What time does the store open?
73His birthday is on 5th June.
74I got in an accident.
75Can you call back later?
76What time are they arriving?
77There is no end to learning.
78Can I make an appointment for next Friday?
79What are you thinking about?
80Are you afraid of me?
81Let him Study.
82I get up early in the morning.
83Try Again.
84How did it hurt?
85Right now
86What are you looking for?
87Don’t worry about the past.
88Could you repeat that?
89How much is the bus fare?
90I’ve seen it.
91I’ll drop you off at the bus stop.
92Does he like the school?
93When does he arrive?
94The accident happened at the intersection.
95Are you sure?
96I agree.
97Let’s go out.
98When she will come, please inform me.
99Drive the car slowly.
100I will try my best.
101They like each other.
102Will you co-operate with me?
103So far so good. 
104I have come.
105Don’t be silly.

Sentences that are used every day

100 Daily use English Sentences: Practice these sentences over and over again. And use it when you have time. Only then will you learn to speak English quickly. The sentences are very simple so you can learn the sentences quickly. And the sentences are also very easy to remember. Those who are beginners must learn such sentences. Because these sentences are used in our daily life all the time. Because these sentences will take your English effortlessly to the next level. If you want to learn spoken English, do each of our classes with mind. You will learn to speak English. See you again today in the next class. Stay well and start learning English with me.

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