100 Most Common Questions in English

Table of Contents

1Anything else?
2Are they the same?
3Are you afraid?
4Are you coming or not?
5Are you going to attend their wedding?
6Are you married?
7Are you okay?
8Are you sick?
9Can I borrow some money?
10Can I have the bill please?
11Can I see your passport please?
12Can you call back later?
13Can you call me back later?
14Can you carry this for me?
15Can you fix this?
16Can you give me an example?
17Can you speak louder please?
18Can you swim?
19Did you go for a walk in the morning?
20Did you not hear the bell?
21Do you accept U.S. Dollars?
22Do you expect me to let you go easily?
23Do you have a girlfriend?
24Do you have a problem?
25Do you have an appointment?
26Do you have the number for a taxi?
27Do you hear that?
28Do you know how to get to the Taj Hotel?
29Do you know what this means?
30Do you know where I can get a taxi?


Daily use simple Questions

31Do you know where my glasses are?
32Do you like your co-workers?
33Do you need anything else?
34Do you need anything else?
35Do you understand?
36Does he like the school?
37Had you been to your village?
38Has the train left?
39Have you ever been to Delhi before?
40Have you had your meal?
41How do you know?
42How is she?
43How many?
44How much do you want?
45How much is it?
46Is anyone else coming?
47Is everything ok?
48Is it cold outside?
49Is it far from here?
50Is it hot?
51Is it raining?
52Is there anything cheaper?
53Is your brother here?
54Shall I turn the light off?
55Should I wait?
56The big one or the small one?
57Were there any problems?
58Were you at the library last night?
59What are you doing?
60What are you looking for?

Spoken English Questions

61What are you thinking about?
62What are you two talking about?
63What day is it on the first May?
64What did you do last night?
65What did you do yesterday?
66What did you think?
67What do they study?
68What do you have?
69What do you think?
70What happened?
71What is it in your hand?
72What is it?
73What is that?
74What is the time now?
75What month is running now?
76What should I wear?
77What time does he leave his office?
78What time does the movie start?
79What’s in it?
80What’s the name of the company you work for?
81What’s the temperature?
82What’s this?
83What’s up?
84When will he return home?
85When will you return?
86Where are you from?
87Where can I rent a car?
88Where did it happen?
89Where did you learn it?
90Where had you been in the last week?
91Where is he from?
92Where is he?
93Which one do you want?
94Which one is cheaper?
95Which one is the best?
96Which school does he go to?
97Who are they?
98Who are you looking for?
99Who is it?
100Who taught you that?
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