Use of None, Some, Any, Many

Today we will learn how to construct some English sentences. For this we will use ‘None, Some, Any, Many’ etc. There are many who cannot use them properly. I will try to convince them so that they will not go wrong any day.

Use of None

One thing you should know – None is used as group of people or things, it is also used as Singular and Plural.

  • None of us want that.
  • I like none of them.
  • None of us saw it.
  • None of it was real.
  • None of this is true.
  • None of them are busy.
  • None of them is alive.
  • None of us is perfect.

It’s none of your business.

When one of us asks about something personal and that person has no right to know. Even if he asks you can use this Phrase.

Here is one thing to keep in mind – When talking about two people or objects we will use “Neither of” instead of using ‘None of’.

For example –

  • Neither of us forgot about it.
  • Neither of them has a car.
  • Neither of my parents is a teacher.
  • Neither of them can cook.
  • I chose neither of them.
Use of None, Some, Any, Many

Use of Some

Some – a large amount or number of something

“Some” is commonly used before Noun. ‘Some’ is used for both person or object, but it is Plural.

For example –

Have some cake.

There is no specific quantity; however, ‘Some’ is used to mean roughly one quantity, neither too much nor too little.

  • Take some time.
  • Boil some water.
  • Can I have some?
  • Do you want some?
  • I need some paper.
  • I want some water.
  • We need some money.
  • I have some English books.
  • I’d like some more coffee.

Use of Any

‘Any’ is used for both person and object, but it is also used for both Singular and Plural.

  • Any questions?
  • Do you have any ID?
  • Come again any time.
  • I can’t do any more.
  • Is there any danger?
  • Any of you can do it.
  • Don’t make any noise.
  • I can’t eat any more.
  • Do you have any ideas?

Use of Many

Many – a large number of but countable. We usually use ‘many’ in Interrogative and negative sentences.

For example –

  • How many died?
  • I don’t have many friends.
  • I have many dreams.
  • How many do you want?
  • I have so many ideas.
  • Many of us are angry.
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