That’s + Wh Words – Daily use Spoken English

Today we will learn about the uses of –

  • That’s what (issue),
  • That’s why (reason),
  • That’s how (method / why),
  • That’s who / that’s whom (Person),
  • That’s when (Time),
  • That‘s where (Place),
  • That‘s which (Non-living things)

Each of these is a conjunction, which is made up of the Wh family word. If you want to speak English then you must learn how to use them. So let’s get started-

That’s what (issue)

Our first word is – That’s what. We can use ‘That’s what’ in an issue. For example, it can be said – Suppose you are having a quarrel or arguing with friends about something. Then someone told you what you wanted to say. At that time we can use ‘That’s what’.

For example –
That’s what I am saying.
That’s what I mean.

That way we can use it more. So let’s learn some more use of ‘That’s what’.

That’s what we need.
That’s what I want.
That’s what I thought.
That’s what I was saying.
That’s what he told me.
That’s what makes me crazy.
That’s what I’d like to know.
That’s what I like to see.
That’s what he told me.
That’s what I am trying to convince.
That’s what you are not getting.
That’s what I wanted to tell.
That’s what we were thinking.
That’s what I am asking to you.

That’s why (reason)

That’s why, ‘That’s why’ is used to explain a reason.

That’s why I was late.
That’s why he’s so tired.
That’s why he never married.
That’s why you can’t sleep.
That’s why he is so successful.
That’s why your mother is disappointed.
That’s why she’s crying all the time.
That’s why he wants to be with you.
That’s why I like her.
That’s why I’m so late.
That’s why she’s so popular.
That’s why you should quit smoking.
That’s why I failed.
That’s why he beat you.
That’s why you are poor.
That’s why I learn English.

That’s how (method / why)

That’s how I lost my book.
That’s how you do it.
That’s how I earn.
That’s how I write songs.
That’s how I think of you.
That’s how we met.
That’s how they make their money!
That’s how it all started.
That’s how he speaks.
That’s how he replied.
That’s how she cooks.
That’s how they work.
That’s how I wrote.

That’s who / that’s whom (Person)

“That’s who / that’s whom ” is used to refer to a particular person.

For example –
That’s who I helped.
That’s whom I helped.

Who / whom both can be used.

That’s whom I taught.
That’s whom I asked.
That’s whom you beat.
That’s whom I am calling.
That’s whom I lent money.
That’s whom I sent.

That’s when (Time)

‘That’s when’ is used to refer to a specific time. Like – I was leaving for the office, that’s when he asked me. Or I was returning from the market that’s when the rain started. Let’s look at some more examples –

That’s when I realised.
That’s when the problem started.
That’s when I felt that.
That’s when she started to scream.
That’s when I try to meditate.
I mean, when I was upset – then I try to meditate.
That’s when he stopped.
That’s when I thought.
That’s when he saw it.
That’s when police started talking.
That’s when the rain started.
That’s when he asked me.
That’s when I got my mobile.
That’s when I came back home.
That’s when I called you.
That’s when I went to hospital.
That’s when I met her.
That’s when I bought that book.

That's where (Place)

‘That where’ is used to mean or say about a place.
For example –
That’s where I put my keys!
That’s where you are wrong.
That’s where the river meets the sea.
That’s where my sister lives.
That’s where I draw the line
That’s where I picked up the phone.
That’s where I am going.
That’s where it all started.
That’s where the problem is.
That’s where I was born.

That's which (Nonliving things)

Our next word is – That’s which
“That’s which” we will use only when talking about an inanimate or non living object. Let’s try to understand its use with an example.

That’s which I am searching.
That’s which he gave me.
That’s which I was looking for.
That’s which I bought last week.
That’s which you lost yesterday.
That’s which you sold him.
That’s which I have to buy.
That’s which he is talking about.

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