Use of Keep and Put

50 uses of keep and put with example sentences. How to use keep with example sentences? Difference between Keep and Put – basic spoken English sentences. You have to use them to speak English fluently. Because Keep and Put are used a lot in Spoken English.

Keep – to have or continue to have in your possession
Put – to move something or someone into the stated place, position, or direction

Keep the book on the table.
Put the book on the table.

Put the book on the table.
Keep your shoes on stand.

You may keep the change.

Can I keep it?
Can I put it?

How to use Keep?

I made a promise and I want to keep it.
I want to keep my promise.
I’ve kept a diary for ten years.
Keep an account of how much you spend.
Keep quiet.
Keep your mouth shut.
Keep out of my room.
Keep away from John.
I keep away from my neighbours.

Let's see how to use Keep in spoken English.

Keep moving.
Keep trying.
Keep dancing.
Keep in touch.
Keep the dog out.
Keep away from the dog.
Keep to the right.
Keep it up!
You are doing excellent work. Keep it up!
Do you keep a diary?
Keep your eyes open.
Keep your room clean.
You keep out of this.
Can you keep a secret?
Please keep this secret.
Please keep the windows open.
I can’t keep this.

uses of Keep and Put with Example

How to use put?

Put the bag on the desk.
Where have you put the keys?
Put your shirt in the cupboard.
I always put the cat out.
He puts his name in all his books.
I’ve put the date in my diary.

How to use put in spoken English?

Put it back.
Put it down.
May I put it here?
Put out the light.
Put your hands up!
Put your books away.
I put on my trousers.
May I put it down here?
Don’t put it on my desk.
You can put it anywhere.
He put off going to Delhi.
Please put off the television.

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