80 Daily use English sentences

80 Daily use English sentences:

English Sentences for Daily Use

80 Daily use English sentences:

How do people go there?
She sings well.
Where is the ticket counter?
Where is he?
I’ve never seen it before.
Turn to the left.
How far from the office?
Smoking is a bad habit.
Which way to go there?
Crossing the street.
I do not take tea.
The train will stop here 10 minutes.
How much will be that?
He will be 20 minutes late.
Who has broken my mobile?
Get out at once.
I’ll go to school after eating.
Turn to the right.
Don’t spend more than you earn.
I have got a toothache.
It is a place of pilgrimage.
He is a painter.
It is a one-way road.
What is he?
Did you sleep well? 
Feeling worse than before.
This house is to be let.
Call the doctor.
I am shivering with a fever. 
The moon itself has no light.
You were supposed to come today. 
He could not catch the bus.
Is he lying on the grass?
Why are the people here?
Have you no job?
Is everything alright?
We went to play.
I’m better than before.
The cow is a humble animal.
Why have you come here?

English sentences You Can Use Everyday

80 Daily use English Sentences:

I am quite all right.
The man is lying.
You look pale.
How are you today?
Rita hasn’t eaten yet.
When will the car arrive?
Help the poor.
She didn’t return home last night.
When will he return back?
He lives at No 10.
Please switch on the light.
When do your classes begin?
Give a first class return.
I want to go to Delhi. 
Wait for some time.
He knows English well.
Now it is half-past four.
When do you go to sleep?
He is out. 
Never tell a lie.
What happened to her?
He is not very well.
Let us go out for a walk.
What is it in your hand?
Did he go to school?
I feel nausea.
They will come to the station.
He is not in the house.
Let him go now.
What is his profession?
How long have you been standing here?
Straight on.
Who else are in the room?
I am as before.
The boy went away singing. 
Whose books are these?
He has caught a bad cold.
Is there a good doctor here? 
What building is that?
Which tooth hurts?
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