50 Most Common Sentences With What

Use What in your daily life

“What” is used in English in different ways. If you want to speak English or learn English grammar, you must learn how to use “what”?  It is very important to know.

What is used to ask some questions

For example:
What station is it?

What did they think?

What is used to ask for information about people or things

For example-
What did you buy today?

What time is it?

What happened after he left?


It is used to ask about the reason for something

For example –
What are these tools for?
What are you doing that for?

Used to express one's own opinion.

For example:
What a night!
What a funny man!
What an experience!

Use What in your daily life

Learn 50 Most Common Sentences With What
Learn 50 Most Common Sentences With What
  1. Be careful about what you eat.
  2. I don’t know what to say.
  3. I got what I wanted.
  4. I know what you mean.
  5. I like what you did.
  6. I regret what I said.
  7. I’ll do what you say.
  8. Listen carefully to what I say.
  9. This is what I need.
  10. What a beautiful concept!
  11. What a beautiful flower!
  12. What a big dog!
  13. What a coincidence!
  14. What a horrible man!
  15. What a lovely dress!
  16. What a pity!
  17. What a terrible day!
  18. What about me?
  19. What are you cooking?
  20. What are you doing?
  21. What are you reading?
  22. What can I do?
  23. What can you offer?
  24. What did he say?
  25. What did you buy?
  26. What did you eat?
  27. What do you do on Sunday?
  28. What do you feel?
  29. What do you have?
  30. What do you need?
  31. What do you suggest?
  32. What do you want to do?
  33. What do you want?
  34. What does it mean?
  35. What does this mean?
  36. What happened?
  37. What have you taken?
  38. What is going on?
  39. What is in this box?
  40. What is that?
  41. What is the problem?
  42. What is the story?
  43. What is your address?
  44. What makes you so sad?
  45. What should I bring?
  46. What time is it?
  47. What’s on TV?
  48. What’s the bus fare?
  49. What’s the matter?
  50. What’s this made of?
  51. What’s up?
  52. What’s your name?
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