Use of are in English

30 sentences with ‘Are’ which will teach you to speak fast & proper English. Learn how to use of are in English sentences?
To speak English quickly, you must learn the use of ‘are’.
Always ‘are’ is used with ‘You’.
Moreover, If the sentence is Present Continuous Tense, then ‘are’ also used with am, is as a helping verb.
In that case we have to add “ing” with main verb.
Moreover, if the Subject of the sentence is We, they, etc. then ‘are’ is used.

They are about to start. 
Three people are still missing.
Why are you crying? 
Are you free tomorrow?
Are you studying English?
Are you excited? 
Are you a student? 
Are you a doctor? 
What are you doing? 
Are you tired? 
Are you all right? 
Are you sure? 
Are you mad? 
Are you on Facebook? 
Are you good at cooking? 
Are you kidding? 
Are you ready to go?
What are you cooking?
Are you hungry? 
Are you ready? 
How are you? 
Where are you from? 
Where are you? 
You are very beautiful. 
Are you OK? 
You are late. 
Why are you looking so sad? 
Lemons are sour. 
All men are equal. 
All people are equal.
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