Daily Use Smart English Words

Daily Use Smart English Words:

Actually I actually saw a ghost.
Again Do it again.
Ahead Please go ahead.
Almost I’m almost finished.
Already I already did that.
Altogether The noise has altogether stopped.
Altogether This is altogether different.
Anymore Don’t call me anymore.
Anyway I’ll do it anyway.
Approximately The bridge is approximately one mile long.
Automatically The door locks automatically.
Automatically The doors open and close automatically.
Basically Basically, I agree with your opinion.
Below Please read the text below.
Briefly State your case briefly.
Certainly I certainly don’t blame you.
Closely Look at it closely.
Constantly She watches TV constantly.
Currently She is currently in danger.
Deeply Don’t sleep too deeply.
Deeply Her lies hurt my father deeply.
Deliberately I didn’t do it deliberately.
Directly Can I talk to you directly? 
Easily I don’t cry easily.
Effectively Candidates must be able to communicate effectively.
Else I need something else.
Elsewhere She went shopping elsewhere.
Equally You have to share the cake equally.
Especially I especially like rock music.
Eventually I’ll find out eventually.

English words for beginners

Daily Use Smart English Words:

Ever I’m as busy as ever.
Exactly I don’t know exactly.
Extremely I’m extremely tired.
Finally I finally got a job.
Fortunately Fortunately, no passengers were injured.
Fully I fully support your proposal.
Generally I generally agree with her.
Gently Do it gently.
Greatly I am greatly impressed.
Hardly I hardly watch TV.
Highly I recommend it highly.
Honestly I honestly don’t know.
Hopefully Hopefully the weather will be just like today.
However However, I am not a specialist.
Immediately I wrote him immediately.
Initially It was much worse than we initially thought.
Literally I didn’t mean that literally.
Mainly My success was mainly due to your help.
Merely It’s merely a joke.
More or less I’ve more or less finished reading the book.
Necessarily You don’t necessarily have to go there.
Normally I don’t normally lie.
Obviously Obviously want to help.
Often He often helps others.
Originally I’m originally from Australia.
Perfectly I’m perfectly fine.
Personally Do you know him personally?
Physically She is young and physically fit.
Primarily Baseball is primarily a summer game.
Probably I should probably go.

Spoken English Words

Daily Use Smart English Words:

Properly Let’s do this properly.
Quickly Come here quickly.
Rarely I very rarely eat meat.
Rather I’d rather go home.
Readily Jack readily agreed to help.
Really I really like it.
Recently I went there recently.
Regularly You have to eat regularly.
Relatively She speaks relatively fast.
Roughly He drives roughly.
Seriously I take my job seriously.
Similarly The two boys dress similarly.
Slightly I’m slightly busy.
Slowly I have to walk slowly.
So that I move aside so that she might come in.
Somewhat He was somewhat excited.
Soon It’ll rain soon.
Specifically She mentioned you specifically.
Strongly I strongly advise you to use this.
Successfully He successfully passed the exam.
Suddenly Her eyes suddenly filled with tears.
Suddenly I suddenly feel sick.
Terribly He’s a terribly naughty child.
Therefore I was ill, and therefore could not come.
Thus Fold the sheets thus.
Totally I totally forgot.
Twice I checked it twice.
Ultimately Who is ultimately responsible for this?
Widely She is widely known.
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