Common Spoken English words

Common Spoken English words: Today I will teach you some words that will help you improve your spoken English a lot. These words are used all the time in our daily life. And the words that are used in spoken English are also excellent to listen to English. But new English learners rarely use them. Because they don’t know how to use them correctly. So let’s learn the words –

Common Spoken English words:

Almost He almost cried.
Always He always speaks English.
Early They came early.
GenerallyI generally eat healthy food.
Later It will arrive later.
Never He never plays cards.
Now Call her now.
Occasionally It happens occasionally.
Often He often plays tennis.
Rarely I rarely eat meat. 
Seldom I seldom drink milk.
Sometimes He sometimes gets angry.
Soon He came soon.
Usually I usually eat out.

Daily use English words

Common Spoken English words:

They came early.
He should wake up early.
He left the office early.

I will call you later.
It will arrive later.
I will let you know later.

He always keeps a book.
I always watch this movie.
He always speaks English.

I generally take my lunch there.
We generally take tea in the morning.
I generally eat healthy food.

He sometimes gets angry.
She hates her job sometimes.
She sometimes cooks food.

He seldom cries.
She seldom gets angry.
I seldom drink milk.

I will never tell him.
I never listen to sad music.
He never plays cards.

I rarely eat meat.
He rarely speaks Bengali.
They rarely go out for dinner.

Spoken English words for beginners

Common Spoken English words:

It happens occasionally.
He occasionally meets her.
John occasionally reads books.

He often plays tennis.
She often catches a cold.
Do you often eat fish?

He doesn’t usually smile.
He usually gets up late.
I usually eat out.

She is coming soon.
He came soon.
Call him soon.

I have to go now.
Call her now.
I will not eat now.

He almost cried.
He had almost finished his work.
I almost forgot that.

English words used in Daily life

Common Spoken English words:

Bake the chapati.
I can bake bread.
Let’s bake a birthday cake.

Boil some water.
Boil the eggs.
Boil those potatoes.

Fry the fish.
Fry an egg for me.
I have bigger fish to fry.

Heat the food.
Please heat the water.
I am heating the dinner.

Raw – (food) not cooked:
I hate raw onion.
The potatoes are still raw.
Is eating raw eggs safe?

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