Simple Sentences in English

Simple Sentences in English: You need to know the sentences to speak fluent English. Do you want to speak English fluently? Then you must learn these sentences today. This is because such sentences are used all the time when speaking in English. If you learn these, you will quickly learn to speak fluent English. Moreover, with these sentences you can create many more sentences.

English sentences used in daily life

Simple Sentences in English:

1. It’s more than 7 dollars.

2. I made a mistake.

3. Where is the bus stop?

4. That way.

5. What’s your favorite movie?

6. Please speak English.

7. My throat is sore.

8. I’d like to call Japan.

9. I have money.

10. Do you know where I can get a taxi?

11. What’s the exchange rate?

12. One way or round trip?

13. I’ll pay for the tickets.

14. Right there.

15. I’m good.

16. Thank you sir.

17. I’m tired.

18. I’m not going.

19. How many hours a day do you work?

20. That’s too expensive.

21. Is there a restaurant in the hotel?

22. There’s a book under the table.

23. Now the time is 8:45.

24. Turn left.

25. I’ve been here for two days.

Most Common English Sentences

26. As soon as possible.

27. This doesn’t work.

28. And you?

29. The book is under the table.

30. Is it nearby?

31. How’s work going?

32. Is your husband also from Boston?

33. I don’t want it.

34. How much is it?

35. Can I try it on?

36. What can I do for you?

37. I speak a little English.

38. Do you want to go to the movies?

39. When did you come here?

40. Let’s go have a look.

41. I thought the clothes were cheaper.

42. I went to the supermarket.

43. Good evening sir.

44. Where do you want to go?

45. I’m a teacher.

46. How do I go there?

47. How do I get there?

48. When will it be ready?

49. Sorry, we don’t have any vacancies.

50. I don’t have any money.

Spoken English sentences

51. Did it snow yesterday?

52. What is the area code?

53. What time does it start?

54. I’d like to use the internet.

55. He said you like to watch movies.

56. Which is the best?

57. What do you think of these shoes?

58. A long time ago.

59. Are they the same?

60. Are you here alone?

61. Do you hear that?

62. Do you need anything?

63. Don’t do that.

64. Don’t worry.

65. From time to time.

66. He’s coming soon.

67. She’s in the kitchen.

68. How do you know?

69. How was the trip?

70. I don’t care.

71. I don’t want that.

72. I have a cold.

73. Is everything ok?

74. Is it cold outside?

75. It’s over there.

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